High Noon men's roster for PGXC #5 on 11/6/2022

Good day, @pgxc-high-noon! There’s only one week between last Sunday’s TC3 race and the championship 8K race at Center Park in Fairport. Here’s what I have for the roster currently. If there’s a question mark next to your name, please let me know if you’re coming or not. And if you’re not on the list at all and would like to run, please sign up soon!

Also, remember to RSVP for our end-of-season party on November 13th at noon.

U19 (3 to score, 5 to run—on the FLRC roster )

  • Banyan Love
  • Ben Lambert
  • Oliver Lambert
  • Rahmon Daily

Open (5 to score, 9 can run)

  • Alex Drazic?
  • Alistair Hayden
  • Christopher Halsey
  • Dylan Hess?
  • Joesene Soto
  • Mik Kern
  • Patrick Boyle
  • Patrick Milano

Masters (5 to score, 9 can run)

  • Adam Schoene?
  • Damian Clemons
  • Dave Kania
  • Eric Sambolec
  • Jay Hubisz?
  • Jordan Varano
  • Peter Frazier
  • Tristan Lambert

Vets (5 to score, 9 can run)

  • Alex Colvin
  • Jesse Koennecke
  • Sean Nicholson

Super Vets (3 to score, 5 can run)

  • Casey Carlstrom?
  • Carl Franck (70+)
  • Jamie Loehr
  • Joel Leff (70+)

Hey SuperVets! I sure regret missing the championship race. Both Achilles are protesting such that just coming down stairs is painful, let alone trying to race. Best of luck!!

El Capitan, I can’t thank you enough for what you (and Tonya) do for us. Especially since you were on the disabled list. I swear despite that you managed to get around the last course so fast that you were cheering us on over and over again and you took cherishable photos. I think in a sign of our appreciation, we should all present you with our actual socks from this last race untouched since running at our Brooktondale debrief post season party.

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And second prize is that I don’t get all your smelly socks? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind word, Carl!

And Charlie, sorry to hear about the Achilles. You should take it up with the sadist who made that course.

My Achilles flared up during the race at TC 3
A little better today but most likely out for next week.



Oh man, two Achilles heels… Sorry to hear it, Joey.

We’re going to be short on Vets unless @bill and @jeanluc are able to do it. I won’t be good even to walk 8K, I’m afraid.

Sorry, I will be traveling. Having trouble accesorhe spread sheet
Good luck everyone!

Looking at the live @pgxc-high-noon roster… @pjboyle26 and @dylan-hess, if you’re planning to run tomorrow, you’ll need to register in RunSignup.

It’s not looking good for the Vets team, even if there’s one extra Super Vet to run down, we won’t be able to field five runners. The problem is that we need someone who has run at least one series race so far—you can’t run the championship race for a team as your first race. So we’d need another Vet or Super Vet who has raced at least once this season.

All set @adamengst
See you tomorrow.