High Noon men’s roster for PGXC #4 on 10/30/2022

Good day, @pgxc-high-noon! We need to work on our roster for the TC3 race this coming Sunday (course map). Here’s what I have right now. If you’d like to run, please sign up soon!

Also, remember to RSVP for our upcoming end-of-season party!

U19 (3 to score, 5 to run—on the FLRC roster )

  • Ben Lambert
  • Oliver Lambert
  • Rahmon Daily

Open (5 to score, 9 can run)

  • Adrian Haws
  • Alec Time
  • Alex Drazic
  • Charlie Hale
  • Christopher Halsey?
  • Dylan Hess
  • Henry Williams?
  • Joesene Soto
  • Mik Kern
  • Patrick Boyle
  • Patrick Milano

Masters (5 to score, 9 can run)

  • Aaron Ristow
  • Adam Schoene?
  • Brian Lazzaro?
  • Damian Clemons
  • Dan Scales
  • Dave Kania
  • Eric Sambolec
  • Jay Hubisz
  • Peter Frazier
  • Tristan Lambert

Vets (5 to score, 9 can run)

  • Bill Thilbault
  • Bob Swizdor
  • Jean-Luc Jannink
  • Jesse Koennecke
  • Joey Randall

Super Vets (3 to score, 5 can run)

  • Casey Carlstrom
  • Carl Franck (70+)
  • Charlie Fay
  • Jamie Loehr
  • Joel Leff (70+)

@christopher-halsey Are you running at TC3 this weekend? We’re almost to the point of needing to split the Open team into A and B.

Joey R is in for TC3 Race.

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Hey @pgxc-high-noon, great news! Thanks to Pete Dady and Rick Mazzeo signing up to join Carl Franck and Joel Leff, we’re going to be able to field our first-ever Ultra Vets team (70+). We’ll have full teams for all age groups this week.