FLRC women's roster for PGXC #2 on 9/26/2021

Hi @pgxc-women ,

Next Sunday, September 26, is our next race. It’s in the Auburn area, and should be less than an hour drive for nearly all of us. Please check the roster below to see if you’re on it (or not) appropriately, plus there’s new info about jerseys, race location, etc.


Open (ages 20–39)

Masters (ages 40–49)

Veterans (ages (50–59)

  • Brenda Osovski
  • Caitlyn Loehr
  • Sandy Gregorich
  • Kim Jackson

Super Vets (ages 60–69)
Anne Shakespeare (please update your row on the Google sheet roster

The race is at Everest Park, in the Auburn area. It is a first-time course for the PGXC series (see course map). Gun time is 11am, so I recommend arriving a little before 10am.

The new jerseys are here! We now have a wide range of sizes, men’s and women’s. we are in better shape than last weekend for having enough in the right sizes, but just in case, bring your old FLRC jersey (if you have one) and/or wear something you like running in. Also, blue or black shorts.

The new women’s jerseys are more modest and have a more shaped fit. The men’s jerseys have a wider overall fit, a wider arm hole, and no extra fabric over the chest.

I’m checking on how long it might take to get another order of jerseys. FLRC will be taking online orders for another batch, so you can buy your own jersey in your favorite size. You can get it with “Finger Lakes” on the back or with your name. We’ll keep this first order for people who don’t want to order their own.

It probably won’t be, but for anyone who is wondering, it is okay to wear gloves, arm warmers, hats, tights, etc. (unlike some high school or college races). You can also wear your jersey over a warm shirt.

A personal note: I had my 2-week post-op appointment, and the surgeon said I am doing great!! I am supposed to try to get back to normal life (but no bending, twisting, running, cycling, or lifting of anything heavy for another month). I have my first PT appointment this week, and my surgeon wants me to start running in late October!

Go FLRC! There was a lot of great running last weekend!!! -Tonya

Hi Tonya,

I have a Y for Auburn on the spreadsheet, but didn’t see my name on the list. Are we over the team size?


Sorry about that! I just messed up. Of course you are on the roster. :slight_smile: Thanks for checking and letting me know.

Yes I’m going. I have a Y next to name already So let me know if I need to do anything to update it.


For some reason, the Y for the second race wasn’t showing for me, so thanks for confirming. See you Sunday!

Hi all and Happy Friday. Below is the latest roster with Kim Jackson and Anne Shakespeare running down to masters. If your plans change, text me 607-275-8383 so I can adjust with the PGXC organizers.

BTW, to see all the Women’s results from the previous race, look at the Leone Timing report.

Adam and I feel that due to COVID, we aren’t comfortable with carpooling as the default this year. But Jean-Luc of the High Noon team points out that climate change is a HUGE problem, and he is organizing an informal carpool effort from our usual Cornell B lot location - please RSVP in that forum thread if you are interested.


Open (ages 20–39)

  • Amalia Skilton
  • Amanda Locket
  • Jenny Berkowitz
  • Kathleen Kannaley
  • Molly Doruska
  • Sarah Codd
  • Sarah Ridenour

(After twisting her foot at the last race, Eve plans to skip the next two PGXC races, but hopes to be back for PGXC #4 at Taughannock)

Masters (ages 40–49)

  • Michelle Woods
  • Kim Jackson (running down from veterans)
  • Anne Shakespeare (running down from supervets)

(If there are only three masters teams in this race, as there was for the last race, if we can take at least third place, we will get a point toward the series team competition - that’s what we did at the last race. If people don’t run down to make this team, we would lose that point for sure.)

(Julie Barclay reports significant issues with knee arthritis and probably is out for the season.)

Veterans ages (50–59)

  • Brenda Osovski
  • Caitlyn Loehr
  • Sandy Gregorich
  • Julie Randall (a maybe at this time - she plans to confirm later today)

Amalia Skilton is also coming to the race! I should have put her on the roster before and I am very glad that she emailed me to remind me…

Ashley brown will be joining us for Open!

Good to know! I will contact the race organizers and get her added. :slight_smile: -Tonya