Forest Frolic Friends?

I have two courses left to finish the FLRC Challenge. Anybody interested in the Forest Frolic course either on Friday or Saturday this week? It would just be for course completion with a pace between 12-15 minute miles, maybe.

Basically looking for friends to join me so I am not out there on my own during hunting season.

Thanks, Holly Folsom

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@Challengers, anyone up for helping Holly and maybe getting a little closer to your own FLRC Challenge completion?

I can’t help with Forest Frolic, I’m afraid, but I notice that you also need Pseudo Skunk Cabbage. That’s my final course, and because of my recurrent calf strains, I’m thinking I may fast-hike the course one day the weekend of the 11/12th or 18/19th, depending on weather. You (and anyone else who needs it) would certainly be welcome to join me if you could handle my non-running pace.

I think there would be chocolate involved. Fueling is very important on such efforts. :slight_smile:

I totally would but am on call this weekend. I could do next Saturday morning just in case that is helpful.

I would be happy to do Frolic, but I cannot do it this week since I am away. If Holly wants to wait until next weekend, I would certainly be interested in joining her.


Hi! I would love to do Forest Frolic with you. Saturday would be best for me, but I might be able to make Friday afternoon work as well if that helps.

If you don’t end up doing it this weekend, I’m up for doing it with you next weekend! I’m out of town and not looking forward to doing that one on my own.

I’ll be starting Forest Frolic around 11am.