Free Run Coaching Consultations

Hello all!

A lot of us are missing our regular running and competition schedule at a time when we could really use it for our physical and mental health. A colleague of mine gave me a great idea to give back to the running community: I’m offering free run coaching consultations for the next month. Email me at and we’ll work towards your running goals, whatever those might be!

A quick about me:
I am a doctor of physical therapy in Ithaca with a primary interest in running-related injuries. I have a private run coaching service and also frequently train runners in the strength and conditioning realm. I’m a track & field guy at heart, but train runners of all abilities and distances!


That’s hugely generous of you, Jason—thank you!

If there’s a way you can think of that doing the consultations here on the forum would be helpful, let me know.

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Hey all! I decided to take @JTuori up on his offer for a free run coaching consultation. He had some really helpful thoughts for me to consider and I definitely found it useful! One of the outcomes of our back and forth was that I decided to ask him to create a custom weight training plan that I could do at home.

Jason created two awesome running-specific strength training workouts for me and then we had a video consultation yesterday so he could walk me through all of the exercises I wasn’t familiar with. He was fun to work with, very knowledgeable, and I loved how creative he was about using what I had on-hand to make the exercises work (for example, one exercise I needed a heavier weight and we realized my 4 year old would be perfect to use though he had plenty of other ideas for people without young children on hand).

Anyhow, just wanted to encourage anyone who is feeling in a little slump that this might be a great way to add something new and useful to your routine. I paid the full price (which was extremely reasonable) but Jason said he was willing to work with people if needed.

Thanks, Jason!


Thank you for the glowing review @lizhartman! Glad it was helpful for you!