Half marathon training plans?

I’m a complete newbie to this group (and running) and look forward to participating in the Winter Chill on Sundays in January. My goal is to run a half marathon (or two) by the end of this year - does anyone have a training plan that they can share with me?

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Hi Ana! I used Hal Higdon’s plans for all my half marathons. He has everything from beginner to advanced all for free. They’re pretty popular and easy to find via Google.

Good luck, and hope to see you around!


I’ve used the free 5K training plan on the Oiselle website and it has a half plan too:

I also got this from the library and thought it was helpful. I checked out the e-book because I didn’t want to physically go over to the library:

Thanks so much, I forgot about Hal Higdon!!

And libraries, of course, thank you for the great suggestion and book tip!

Hi Ana,

Although I am not sure if I’ve ever used a specific half plan (since my halfs have typically been part of a different training), like @heathercobb3 I’ve used and liked Hal Higdon marathon plans simply because they are very simple and I don’t have to do any mathematical proofs / problem sets to figure out what I’m doing each week :stuck_out_tongue:


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@pamperana This post from RunnersConnect has some thoughts about how the different training plans compare. Might be worth a read. (RunnersConnect is a coaching service.)