Hartshorne Masters Mile will be January 21st; sign up soon to save $10!

Good day, runners! After two frustrating years of pandemic hiatus, we’re happy to announce that the 54th Hartshorne Memorial Masters Mile will take place in Cornell University’s Barton Hall on January 21st, 2023.

Although this meet hosts some of the top national and international masters milers, we encourage all local runners over 40 to get a taste of big-time track. Regardless of age or pace, everyone will be treated like an elite, with fully automatic timing, race announcing, suit-wearing race directors (including yours truly), and video of the races at the post-race award ceremony and reception. We’ll even help you train at our Tuesday night MITHACAL MILERS workouts and give you a warmup race in our January 15th indoor track meet.

Registration is now open, and you can save $10 if you sign up before December 12th. All runners receive a long-sleeved tech-fabric T-shirt commemorating our return to the Barton Hall track. (T-shirts are available in straight/men’s and fitted/women’s sizes; fitted shirts have a V-neck.)

Join us for a unique racing experience!

—Adam Engst, Charlie Fay, and Tom Hartshorne

Those shirts look FABULOUS! Do you have a link to a size chart for both genders? I wanna get this right :wink:

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I’ll ask USA Racing if they have a size chart—the FLRC Challenge shirts ran pretty much true to size from my impressions, so hopefully these will as well.

Given the popularity of the shirts (I’ve already had a request to buy one from a guy from Canada who can’t make it to the meet), I’ll probably get a few more extra than I would otherwise, which will also enable limited size swapping.

Here’s what USA Racing provided. They said these shirts are pretty standard fitting.

Does our club have a coupon code?

@debbliss, the price will just adjust on the 12th, so no need to fuss with a coupon code. But do sign up soon to guarantee your shirt size.

Chest sizing looks very small?

Yeah, now that you point it out, those chest numbers seem whacked—way too small.