Heather Cobb has completed the FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge courses, but not quite quickly enough 😢

@Challengers, we’ve just had another person take on the FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge. Congratulations to Heather Cobb (@heathercobb3) for completing the 100K distance of the Ultra Challenge just two weeks after finishing her first 50-mile race! She doesn’t recommend that combination in such quick succession, and in fact, it prevented her from finishing in the prescribed 24-hour time. Her running time was 20:25:17, but her elapsed time was 24:48:54.

I am therefore awarding Heather the FLRC Ultra Challenge Runner-Up award for extreme fortitude and general enthusiasm. (And just to note, Heather also serves on the FLRC board, organizes FLRC’s Saturday group runs, and is a fixture at the Tuesday night MITHACAL MILERS workouts.)

Heather’s strategy was to dispense with the flatter paved courses starting at 9:45 PM on Friday night, with Pseudo Skunk Cabbage, East Hill Rec Way, South Hill Rec Way, Cornell Botanic Gardens, Waterfront Trail, and Black Diamond Trail. Then she moved on to the trail courses with Tortoise & Hare, Danby Down & Dirty, and Thom B, finishing with Forest Frolic at 10:33 PM on Saturday. Perhaps not the best strategy for others contemplating the Ultra Challenge.

Looks like she had pacing company from at least Jesse Canfield and Karen Ingall on some courses—it’s great to see these attempts being group efforts. It was a tough day, but I hope Heather and others can share some stories and photos from the run.


@heathercobb3 I echo Adam - I’m not sure whether to admire your bravery or question your sanity attempting this so soon after a 50-miler…but in either case, I applaud the fact that you completed the distance. And if you ever want to try again, I’d be happy to join you on a trail or two…

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I vote she be canonized as the “Sufferer Supreme” and be given a cape and and crown to recognize her office.