Week #36 Recap

The FLRC Challenge completions continue to roll in—congratulations to Jason Dean, Paul Maza, Jami Landry, and Sarah Giesy, all of whom finished off their tenth courses this week. If you’re still lacking Thom B, don’t miss Heather Cobb’s group run there tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM.

Paul and Jami tell me this was all just warmup for an upcoming attempt at the FLRC 100K Ultra Challenge. Heather Cobb took a swing at it last weekend and completed all the courses, but not quite within the 24-hour time limit. In many ways, that’s a more impressive effort than those who completed it more quickly—she was on her feet a heck of a lot longer. Also prepping for an Ultra Challenge attempt is leaderboard newbie Damian Clemons, who checked out his first Challenge courses on South Hill Rec Way and Forest Frolic this week. Good luck to everyone who attempts it, and keep an eye on the weather!

All these Ultra Challenge attempts have significantly added to our total mileage. Two weeks ago, thanks to Ultra Challenge finishers Karen Ingall, Bob Talda, and Dennis Stadelman logged 699.3 miles for the week, just under our record of 700.6 miles set the week of May 15th. With this week’s mileage added in, we’re now well past the 16,500-mile mark. The Black Diamond Trail has accumulated over 3,000 of those miles, and the South Hill Rec Way is approaching 2,000.

Finally, just so you know I’m not merely cheering from the sidelines, I’ve recovered enough from summer injuries to run my ninth course over the weekend, logging a Danby Down & Dirty in gloriously muddy conditions. My final Pseudo Skunk Cabbage will have to wait until November 13th, when Heather is organizing a group run on that course—I hope to see a lot of you there!

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@adamengst Thank you for all of your updates! I too am recovering from an injury which has sidelined my attempts at just completing the 10 challenges. I will try walking them as soon as I can, running is off for a while. I hope that will work and that I can complete them all.

Sorry to hear it, @tgmyers, and good luck with the recovery.

The people who have had the worst luck of late are @JoshB, who broke his foot while running Frolic for his tenth course back in September, and @ks_eggs, who broke his ankle while running Thom B for his ninth course last weekend. Both were freak accidents where they didn’t do anything wrong apart from stepping on the wrong rock or root.

I haven’t quite decided what yet, but something Will Be Done for those who suffer a season-ending injury with just a course or two to complete. :slight_smile: