My name is Catalina and I’m from Colombia.
I’m in Ithaca visiting my sister and I will stay here until April 30.
I run frequently and I would like to take advantage of this time to train with you.
If you have plans I would like to meet them and join

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@Caty Nice to have you in Ithaca, and we’re pleased that you’re interested in running with us. We have Winter Chill 5Ks in January for club members (including tomorrow morning), and an all-comer’s track meet on January 21. Check the FLRC website for race details and registration links:


As far as training goes, we have weeknight workouts at Barton Hall on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Check the Group Runs & Workouts category for the workout details. The M/W workouts have a higher proportion of students; the Tuesday workouts are larger but have more adults. There will also be weekend group runs starting in February.


We look forward to running with you soon!

Thank you so much
I will check the link for registration and the training
I’m excited
My English is not so good, but I will integrate with you
See you soon