Helpful and fun FAQ about running cross-country with FLRC/High Noon

Adding on to @adamengst’s post about running cross-country races with the FLRC and High Noon teams this fall, here is a link to my 2021FLRC/PGXC FAQ. It has all the details about what to expect, how to train, what to wear, etc. It is aimed at the women’s team, but it should be a helpful and fun read for anyone.

Contact me, @tonya (FLRC women’s team) or @adamengst (High Noon men’s team) with questions!

Also, just for fun, check out this cake from our 2019 post-season party, which @amy-dawson created for us.

Hey Tonya!
Already registered and will be back in Ithaca late tonight. Would love to walk and hash over xc. I would love to know how I can help!