High Noon men's roster for PGXC #1 on 9/12/2021

@pgxc-men, I know it’s tough to plan this year, but we need to build our roster for Sunday’s first PGXC race in Syracuse. We definitely need more bodies overall, and I need commitments on the High Noon roster sheet. Otherwise, I can’t tell who’s signed up for the series but not coming to this race. As it stands, we might be able to field most age-group teams, though we’d need to run all Vets down to Masters. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign up on RunSignup
  2. Fill in Y/N/? for your row in the roster sheet


  • Banyan Love
  • Ben Lambert
  • Oliver Lambert


  • Adam Berkowitz
  • Adam Schoene
  • Adam Pacheck
  • Alex Drazic
  • Bill Watson
  • Dylan Hess
  • Sam Lagasse


  • Columbia Warren
  • Scott Weeks
  • Tristan Lambert


  • Adam Engst (jogging)
  • Jamie Loehr
  • Jean-Luc Jannink
  • Jesse Koenecke
  • Joey Randall

Super Vets

Ugh Adam, Thanks for pulling us all together for the series. I managed to goof up my plantar (if that’s how you say it) at the Groton 5K, so I’m slipping into the maybe category, Regrets!!!, Carl

Sorry about the plantar, @cfranck! @leffmath has now signed up so I’ll run him down from the Ultra Vets to the Super Vets, and if @bobtalda can make it, we’ll still have a Super Vet team even if you can’t come.


With @columbia-warren and @alex-colvin for signing up, we’re getting closer to filling out our Masters and Vets rosters, though we could use some more Masters runners, in particular.

@bobtalda and @jtk1 remain our question marks right now—if we don’t fill out Super Vets, we can run @alan-lockett and @leffmath down to complete the younger teams.

I just added my info to the roster - Y for all five races, or at least that looks likely. Definite Y for the first one, in any case. - Jesse

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Sorry, my Sunday schedule is still up in the air…I wish I had a better handle on it (for lots of reasons)…as soon as I can let you know, I will

Thanks, Bob. We’ll see how it goes—either we’ll have enough for a Super Vets team or we’ll run the Super Vets down to Masters to complete that team.

We’re now looking solid for Open and Vets.

And as @apacheck pointed out at last night’s workout, a lot of the other clubs are weak this year, so fielding full teams could propel us to higher places even if we’re not at full strength.

Good day, @pgxc-men! Our roster continues to solidify, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at Long Branch Park in Liverpool on Sunday. We could still use two 40-49 runners to fill out the Masters team.

If your plans change and you can’t come before Saturday afternoon, tell me here—after that, text me at 607-275-9557. It’s imperative that I know who is coming so I can move runners between teams on race day as needed.

As previously noted, we will NOT be carpooling en masse like we normally do; if anyone needs a ride, @amalia has offered a seat as long as you’re fully vaccinated.

Here’s a link to Long Branch Park in Google Maps. Google claims a 69-minute drive, and please aim to arrive by at least 10 AM so you’ll have time to get your bib and check out the course with the group. Look for the FLRC tent and feather flags, and if you haven’t run with us before, just find me or stick with someone who has. We always gather on the starting line 5-10 minutes before the 11 AM gun time for our traditional (and increasingly inscrutable) cheer.

If you have one of our new High Noon jerseys, wear it. If you only have an old one, that’s fine. And if you don’t have a jersey at all, I have six men’s mediums that you could buy ($40) or borrow. Or just wear your own—there’s no uniform requirement. At some point, we’ll do another jersey order, but given how long it’s taking the women’s jerseys to come, that will just be something to do for next year.

After the race, we’ll cool down in groups as desired, after which there are snacks and awards—chocolate for the top three individuals in each age group, and beer for the winning team in each age group.

Any questions?

Hi Nooners: I will be in Central NY this weekend so I signed up for the race Sunday as HighNoon Super Vets A … I’d be “B” if we had enough runners, but I am really looking forward to seeing folks there.
Big XC weekend … 10th grade son opens HS season tomorrow, son Eddie runs for Hamilton College on Saturday (that’s why we’re in town) and I race on Sunday! I hope we’ve got a full SuperVet team … C’mon Carl, you can’t be slower than me!

With you on board, we should have no trouble fielding a Super Vets team, @BigRedRick. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that I hear Alex Colvin fell badly and fractured his shoulder, so he’s probably out for the season. We’ll still have a Vets team, thanks to Joey Randall signing up.

Adam…I did update the spreadsheet. But I will not be planning to do the race in Auburn. I plan to race at the BVille Invite open race…good for my athletes to see. That said, if I am absolutely needed so that a team has 5, I can probably make my way to the race. Thanks for all you do on your end

Thanks, Scott! We’ll see how things shake out for the Auburn race.

I still have my Baldwinsville Invitational t-shirt from high school. But that was back when there was a mud pit!

I still have mine as well…has holes in it but I still have it. I still have my NV Inv tshirt from high school also….really thin now, but its coveted