Join FLRC’s Olympic Trials watch party on Feb 3 at 9:45 AM at the Bike Bar on the Ithaca Commons

Are you interested in watching the Olympic US Marathon Trials on February 3 at 9:45 AM at the Bike Bar on the Ithaca Commons with your fellow FLRC runners and a spot of breakfast?

The 2024 U.S. Olympic Team Trials Marathon will take place in the heart of downtown Orlando, Florida on February 3 and is being broadcast on Peacock from 10:00am EST - so I thought it may be inspiring for FLRC runners to watch some of the country’s best athletes compete whilst comfortably sitting inside together!

Start times are as follows -

  • 10:10 a.m. EST - Men’s start - qualifying time of 2:08:10 (4:53.30 per mile).
  • 10:20 a.m. EST - Women’s start - qualifying time of 2:26:50 (5:36:02 per mile).

Bike Bar (down near Ithaca Commons, see the map below) have graciously agreed to open their doors to allow us to watch from 9:45am-1:30pm, but they need to know how many people would be interested in attending - so please vote on the poll below to express your interest!

Free parking is available at 235 S Cayuga St / Green St Garage on weekends, which should help people who need to travel into town, and we will be providing some breakfast snacks to nibble on during the event too. Collegetown Bagels is also right across the road!

In addition, so that people don’t miss out on their regular Saturday morning FLRC Group Run, I’m looking into working with Adam to incorporate a hour session setting off at 8:30am from nearby along the South Hill Recreation Way - more details to follow, including the normal pace poll, so you know who will be running with you! Please also indicate your interest in the poll below!

Will you attend on 2/3?
  • I’m interested!
  • I’m interested, and would bring someone else too!
  • I’m interested, and would also be interested in running before!
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Sounds great, Jon! Local runner, Henry Williams, a Cornell grad student, is running in the men’s race.


And number 2 seed Keira D’Amato (2:19.12), @casey’s niece, and Katie Kellner, a former Cornell standout (2:32.48). Elmira native Molly Huddle is also in there at 2:32:02. Anyone else with a local connection?


Just shared with a group of folks! Looking forward to cheering on Henry and others! :slight_smile:


Just a heads up that the South Hill Rec Way could be an icy snowy mess. I’ll probably coordinate a shorter loop before the 8:30 meet up for anyone who wants to go longer (1:30-1:40).

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Joey Whelan - Bergen Elite, Syracuse grad, now based in Webster, NY. Just ran 2:14 for 2nd place at this year’s Philly marathon. Runner’s World article from last Trials: Joe Whelan - Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier

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Oh good! He won Skunk last year, and placed well at Boston too. I searched for him but didn’t get a hit in the bios. (Same with Henry, perhaps they didn’t send in info.)

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This sounds great! I am actually planning to go spectate in person, otherwise I’d be there…hopefully the weather does not ruin my travel plans!


This sounds like great fun. Does anyone know if they will be serving breakfast type food there or can we bring food? Will their beer taps be flowing?

BTY, I voted as me attending and bringing someone else (Nancy) so the count would be one additional to the total responses.

Great, look forward to seeing you both!

They don’t serve food, so are fine with some external breakfast food coming in to complement whatever FLRC is able to provide.

I’ve had it on good authority that the beer taps will definitely be open, with the potential for mimosas too… That part to be confirmed!

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Yes mimosas! :clinking_glasses:

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I can’t wait! This is going to be fun.

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I love watching the Olympic Trials! I also follow indoor and out seasons! Glad this is a thing here!

I am interested in a run but looking for something casual at a slower pace. Last time I went to a run it was pretty competitive. Do you guys still do the weekend casual runs? Hope you can include more folks with a variety of running lvls thank you.


Hi @Ritza_Francois,

The club has an event every weekend, but if there is a race we don’t hold a group run. We will be starting them back up in February, starting at Barton Hall on Cornell campus, after the Winter Chill series is done.

I’m sorry you felt the last one you joined was too competitive. I do try to emphasize that they’re runs and not races. I hope you’ll come to our next one and can find some more casual runners to group up with, but it all depends on who decides to show up that day.

FLRC Group Run Coordinator


Post is now live about this Saturday’s group run starting at 8:30 - please vote in the Pace Poll so people know who they will be running with!

I’ve found the Declared Start Lists for the race - there’s a total of 214 men (including Henry Williams and his 2:17:51 qualifying time at #197, @aaron.proujansky1!) and 165 women, but only 2 men and 17 women have run the Olympic qualifying time before.

Beer taps and mimosa are confirmed for during the race! There’s also a potential for some unofficial, organized fun - more information to provided on the day, but bring one or two small dollar bills… Cryptic!


I am coordinating a group to meet at 7:50 at the Bike Bar to run 40’ before we meet up with the 8:30 crew. We’ll start at 8 min pace and probably run down Cayuga and along Stewart Park, looping back to the start.

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Unfortunately there have been two notable changes for Saturday’s race with Tokyo bronze medalist Molly Seidel dropping with a patella injury and 2016 Olympian Jared Ward dropping with a hamstring injury.

I responding for my 14 year-old son. He is running with the group and if possible, might enjoy a quick snack after. I’ll make sure I am at the Bike Bar by 9:45 in case there are issues because he is a minor.

My son loves this group and is excited to be there tomorrow. Thanks for making him feel so welcome!

@MichellekSmith Glad Alisdair can make it, and thanks for thinking of the possible issue with having a teenager in a bar.

@jonlewis can you make sure to keep an eye out for Alisdair? He’s a good kid and ran our workouts a bunch over the summer, but I don’t know if he’ll know anyone in tomorrow’s group.

@MichellekSmith happy to look out for him, I’ll be around all morning! Does he also know Kate @kcmccormick8 ? I know she’s worked with the middle school kids in the past!