Join us at the pre-season cross-country dinner party on September 9th, 6–9 PM!

Our 2022 pre-season cross-country spaghetti dinner party is just around the corner on Friday, September 9th, at 6 PM. We’re shaking things up a little this year by moving to a larger venue where we can eat outdoors under a pavilion roof. Spaghetti (with meat and meatless sauce) and tossed salad will be provided at this pass-a-dish gathering.

When: Friday, September 9th, 6–9 PM

Where: Brooktondale Community Center

RSVP & What to Bring:

  • Please fill in your RSVP and pass-a-dish plan by Tuesday, September 6, on the PGXC Party Google Doc.
  • Place setting (we will have extras, but bring your own if you can)

Who to Bring: Families and plus-ones are welcome, but warn them that this is a running event so conversations may revolve around team makeup, 5K race paces, and fartlek training.

Carpool: Parking is a bit limited, so vote here if you need a ride or can give one, and post a reply with pickup possibilities. This will ease parking congestion and include people who don’t have a car. It’s also better for the planet.

  • I need a ride
  • I can give a ride

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Can You Help? We need a few folks to arrive around 5 PM to help with setup. If you’re able to assist, please let Carl ( know.


See you at the party! :spaghetti: :running_man: :running_woman: :man_running: :athletic_shoe: :athletic_shoe: :athletic_shoe:

— Tonya & Adam Engst (FLRC and High Noon Team Captains)

— Carl & Zsofia Franck (your party hosts and long-time FLRC/High Noon runners)