Cross-county season starts soon: Three things to do

Whether you want to run just one race or all five, now is a good time to register for races, RSVP for the pre-season party, and consider if Tuesday night workouts can fit your schedule:

@adamengst and I will both be at the FLRC picnic this Thursday, so feel free to ask us questions there in person, or contact us on the forum.

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Hi Tonya! I’m interested in signing up for one or two of the races and haven’t done this before. RunSignUp is asking which team to be on. Given that I’m your age, is that Womens Masters? FLRC A or B??? Thanks! Gretchen


Masters is 40-49, Vets is 50-59, so sign up for Women’s Vets. And always sign up for the A team because we need to move people around based on who is actually coming. We seldom use the B team for anything other than the home race.

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@Gretchen - I see your signup on RunSignUp - wonderful. :slight_smile: Can you please fill in your row on the team roster spreadsheet. Just a Y for a race where you plan to run, N for any you plan to skip, and a ? for those you aren’t yet sure of - go back and change those ?s once you are sure. I added you in the Veteran’s area on the sheet.

Any other Women’s Veterans (ages 50-59) who sign up, you will need to join the Women’s Veterans “B” team - don’t worry about this at all - I will move people around onto the right teams (or run you down onto a younger team) based on the best combo team roster for that race.