Live Forum Every Sunday: "Training Life Fitness for Challenging Times" Sundays @ 4PM EDST

We identify and explore specific skills we train as we exercise that empower us to respond to these challenging times: From aerobic fitness to life fitness. Contribute your insights to our live forum. Sundays @ 4PM EDST. Log on with this link. Questions?:

We will begin the live forum today with a discussion of these topics. Your insights and questions are welcomed!

How are you responding and adapting your exercise or training to the safety guidelines for the pandemic specific to your location? What changes and innovations are you making? What are the constraints; what are the opportunities?

Are there any skills you have developed through physical exercise and training that empower you in your daily life at this time?

What skills do you feel are most important for our children at this time? How can we model these skills to our children?