Long Loomis company?

Taking a chance this will be seen since this is my first official post to this group…Will anyone be on the Loomis trail tomorrow morning June 22?

A weekday morning is always tricky, @SusanB, but here’s a good way to see who might be a good running companion. If you go to your Athlete page on the Challenge leaderboard, there’s a Similar Athletes button that shows who is close to you in pace.

Then you can use the mentioning capability here in Discourse to see if they want to join you for a Long Loomis tomorrow (not everyone is on the forum, though, so type an @ and then start typing their name and see what comes up in autocomplete). For instance, I see that @lynsayayer, @SarahG, and @Benedetta_Carnaghi are your top three possibilities, but there are lots of others too, perhaps some you know.

@SusanB I’d love to run Long Loomis with you sometime! I’ve also been looking for a running buddy for that one as I do not have faith in my navigation skills! I can’t do it tomorrow but would love to on Friday or Sunday.

The Similar Athletes list is calculated on the fly for everyone on every update to the leaderboard, so as the paces you run get faster, the people who best match up with you will change too. :slight_smile: It’s intentionally fuzzy, but should give a sense of who might be good to run with. Full details here: