Long Loomis group run tonight @ 6:15 pm

Hey All,

A few of us are meeting up at the parking lot at Hammond Hill to do the Long Loomis challenge. We are all planning to get there around 6:15 pm. Please join if you can, but perhaps let us know before hand so we know if we should wait for you. There is no cell service at the top of the hill!

Yay for trail running on a weeknight!



I would love to join. Not sure your pace, I’m a little on the slower side

Hi Jody,

We found out that there is a group that meets at 6:30 that is doing the Jim Schugg trail so we actually still have to do that challenge and figured we would run with the bigger group. So we will not do Long Loomis tonight.

Sorry for the change of plans. I do want to do the Long Loomis this weekend though if you want to plan a time to go then? I am not sure if there is a formal group run this Saturday yet, but maybe I will go then. If I run on the hammond hill trial my pace may be around 11:30-12 but on a flatter road usually I can do around 9:50-10 as my moderate… Not sure if that works for you.

Oh, no problem. Maybe I’ll join that group then. I’ll let you know about this weekend. Thanks.