Looking for a ride to Forest Frolic on Saturday - from downtown Ithaca


I am hoping someone can give me a ride to Forest Frolic on Saturday. I live in downtown Ithaca and meet either at my place or somewhere walkable for a pick-up. Feel free to message me here on the forum, or respond in this thread.

I also put my name down on the Frolic carpool tool here: https://www.groupcarpool.com/t/znetac


Hi Jesse, I still need to check that this works for scheduling to run on Sat. but I may be coming from downtown to ye olde hauck road on Saturday morning. text 607 342 5940 if you want to coordinate.


Jesse, I can help you out to if needed.

Hey what time you leaving Saturday???


It looks like I am all set with Steve. Thanks a lot.


See you at the race!

@Rodney_Egli I responded to your PM.

@Steven_Vanek my son Crosby (age 16) may need a ride tomorrow morning if our car isn’t back from the shop. I’ll know for sure before 6pm today. We’re in Cayuga Heights, but he could easily bike downtown to wherever you are. Does that sound ok? I’ll go ahead and add him to your carpool on that website.

Hi, no problem. I can pick up, I think. Where are you in CH?

I think Crosby was in my son Jan’s german class…


Hey Jesse, did you get a ride organized? I could get you, I’m coming from Enfield.

Hi again! Our car is all fixed up, so my husband will be taking Crosby and watching/cheering. Thanks so much for the offer though! I’ll remove him from your carpool list, and he’ll see you there!

ok, good to know, it would have been efficient to carpool but if they are both going for cheering purposes that is great. I will see them there.



Yes, I’m all set with Steve. Thanks for checking.