Looking for recommendations for running coach/trainer

I would like to train for a marathon without incurring my usual injuries. Do folks have recommendations for someone I could work with? Thanks, Kris

He’s not local anymore (Rochester), but Jason Tuori (@JTuori) is a running and strength conditioning coach and doctor of physical therapy. I don’t know if he’s taking more private clients these days, but I’ll share his direct contact information with you offline and he may see this as well.

If Jason is taking people, he is phenomenal. I highly recommend him.

The other ex-local (now in Boston) who may still be doing coaching is Jullien Flynn (@jullfly). Tristan Lambert (@Tristan_Lambert) and possibly Mike Stewart (@Mike_S) were and may still be working with her and her pro triathlete husband, Mo.

I’ve asked Jullien for training advice and love her approach and huge knowledge base!

Thanks so much!