Ludlowville Falls Park group run

I posted a run idea for this Wednesday March 18th at 12:07 or is it 12:08 thats up for debate.

“Hi HNAC I hope everyone is surviving this pandemic. I was on a run yesterday with some fellow nooners who said they had run salmon creek to Lockerby hill over the weekend. Would anyone be interested to meet Wednesday at our normal time at Ludlowville Falls park? I promise we can stay 6 feet apart. The run could be an out and back or a loop if some are interested to go up Lockerby Hill.”

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I won’t be able to make it on Wednesday, but thanks for giving me an idea about a new place to run. I had no idea about this park or falls until just now when I googled it.

Ludlowville Falls Park has a very pretty little waterfall.

For those posting runs, if you want to be really nice, try using OnTheGoMap to create and share routes—it’s one of the easiest ones I’ve seen yet. You can just load the site, starting clicking to create the route, and then click the Share button (it looks like a chain link in the upper right) to get a link to the route you’ve created.

Great idea Adam!

Here is a link to the route:

A shorter option would be run to Lockerby Hill and back.

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Thanks Simon! I live about 10 minutes from there and knew nothing about it. Like Pete, I now have a new place to check out.

This reminds me that we have a Where to Run category for posting route recommendations. :slight_smile: I posted it there.