Men's size 12.5 shoes that need a new home

Hi! I moved to Ithaca recently and look forward to joining everyone for a group run sometime (and a wave to anyone I run by in Northeast every day).

I have a couple pairs of shoes I’d like to find a new home for free, both in 12.5 mens regular width:

Saucony Endorphin Pro 2: ~24km in them. Huge fan of them but don’t see myself putting more miles in them anytime soon. Pairs great with the Speed 2.
New Balance SuperComp Pacer: ~7km in them. Pretty aggressive and stiff shoe. Probably a good shoe to train for 5k road races.

Reach out if you’re inclined, or if you live near me and are looking for a running buddy :slight_smile:

Welcome to Ithaca! You should come join the Tuesday evening group workouts at Barton. Here’s the link for tonight in case you haven’t seen it yet: MITHACAL MILERS time trial on Tuesday, 11/22 at 7 PM in Barton Hall

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Thanks, Liz! That sounds like a lot of fun. Unfortunately on toddler sleep duty tonight, but will make an effort for another one.

Hey @edp, welcome to the area! I’m in the Distance Running Dad With Toddlers Club too. I’m still recovering from my last big race but would be happy to meet up for a run and show you around town after my legs feel better. I live across town near Ithaca High School.