Mike's workout of the week - 615AM Wed 3/11 @ Barton


I can’t make Mithacal Milers so I’ll be running my Half Marathon workout Wednesday 3/11, starting around 615AM. PLEASE message me at mts881@gmail.com if you’re coming, so I know how serious I have to be about getting out of bed.

Here’s the workout:
4 x 2000 as:
-first 1600 half marathon pace, last 400 5k
-first 400 at half marathon pace, each 400 after that drop the pace by a couple seconds per 400
-first 400 5k pace, 1600 half marathon pace
-2000 steady 5k-10k pace (6:15-6:30 mile)

Any takers and paces are welcome. We can chill on the breaks if we are different paces.



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Oof! That sounds like a tough one, but would definitely enhance half-marathon conditioning. Thanks for posting it!