MITHACAL MILERS workout on 2/25 at 7 PM at Barton Hall

I saw some good races at Sunday’s track meet, and I hope everyone’s happy with their times. Please don’t be shy about sharing race reports here—I hear repeatedly from people how much they like reading about others experiences and how much they learn from those posts. Remember, we have one more track meet coming up on March 29th, with a 3000m and a 1 mile race.

This week’s workout is going to be a bit of a mix of distances and speeds, and it’s a tough one. As you can see, it starts slow and long and gets faster, and there isn’t a lot of rest anywhere in the workout. For those whose next goal race is longer than the mile, this is still a good workout for speed endurance and improving neuromuscular coordination as you get tired.

  • 1200m at T pace, 2 minute rest
  • 1000m at T pace, 2 minute rest
  • 800m at I pace, 200m rest
  • 400m, at I pace, 200m rest
  • 4 by 200m at R pace, 200m rest after each one

Anyone who’s feeling sprightly and has the weekly mileage to support it could throw in a 600m at I pace (with 200m rest) between the 800m and the 400m.

Any questions, feel free to ask, and see you tonight!

cheers… -Adam