Mon Jan 22 & Wed Jan 24 Barton Workouts

Barton should start getting busier this week w/ students and intramurals back, so it’ll feel a bit more congested, but hopefully fun all the same. Here’s the plan:


Option A: Leg activation drills, 2 - 3 miles easy warmup, 15-20 x 200m @ VO2, minimum rest of 1’, 1 mile easy cool/down. You can plug your current (or, if more aggressive, target, for instance) mile pace into the VDot Calculator here, and look down for you interval 200 training target for the rough target pace for the workout).

Option B (for those who raced Sunday and not wanting back to back workouts): Leg activation drills, Easy / Social 5- 7, core

Option C: Join the FLRC Community time and do your own workout.


Leg Activation, 2 - 3 easy warmup:

Option A: 12-16 x 100m @ high effort, 3’-4’ recoveries, 1 - 2 cooldown

Option B: 6 - 8 progressive 200’s ending hard, 3’-4’ recoveries, 1 - 2 cooldown

Also Wednesday: We’ll have the Section IV HS Race Walk coach and coordinator providing a Race Walk Clinic for those who may be interested: 7:30 - 9:00

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