Mon Jan 29 & Wed Jan 31 Barton Workouts

Workouts planned for M/W @ Barton from 7pm - 9pm this week will be VO2-focused Monday, Speed Development Wednesday. With students back, Monday is the quieter night of the two and easier to do your own thing. Wednesday’s are looking pretty jammed on the track. Here’s what we’re planning (in addition to warmup / cooldown):

Monday, January 29:
Option A (MidD/D): 8-12 x 400m @ VO2 pace.
Option B (Sprinters): 6-8 x 200m @ 80-90% effort, 4’ rest

Wednesday, January 31:
Option A (MidD/D): 6-8 x progression 200’s ending at top end final stretch, 3’15”-4’ recoveries
Option B (Sprinters): 6-8 x 150m @ high effort, 3’15”-4’ rest

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