Monday Jan 15 & Wednesday Jan 17 Night Barton Workouts @7pm

Monday: we’ll keep the workout portion under an hour in order to use the back half to commemorate MLK Jr. day. Workout portion: Lunge Matrix and Leg Activation, 10 minutes easy jog followed by sprint drills, 6 x 200m @ 90% effort w/ 200 meter recoveries. For the back half we’ll either setup a projector or move over to Comstock Hall and screen a documentary on one of the most iconic Olympic Games moments of all time, the Black Power Salute at the 1968 OIympics.

Wednesday: Lunge Matrix and Leg Swing Activation Drills, 2-3 miles easy warmup (inside or out) and into workout:

Distance (1500 - 3200): Use this VDot Calculator to lookup your target R & I Paces for this workout. Select your distance, plug in your target time, and click calculate. Once it populates click on the training tab. Scan down below for the I and R paces for respective interval or rep distance.

400 @ R Pace w/ , 6x600 @ I Pace, 400 @ R Pace, 2x200 Progressive Kick. 2:00 recoveries.

MidDistance (600 / 1000): 3 x (200,300,200 @target race pace, 1 minute recoveries) w/ 5 minutes between sets.

1-2 miles easy cool down inside or out and Group Core

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Thanks for the link to the Black Power documentary, @Ian! A great way to celebrate Martin Luther King Day and learn more about a sporting moment I knew relatively little about.