Next trail run?

I was just informed about this group by my mom and I am curious when the next trail run will be?
I’m Banyan, a 15 yr old homeschooler who enjoys running 5 and 10k trails in the Ithaca area.


So glad you are interested in our group runs! We have a few coming up:

June 16th: Waterfront Trail (3 miles, pavement)
June 19th: Juneteenth evening pub run around downtown, but you can certainly attend, as we are going to establishments that are open to minors (3 miles, pavement)
June 26: South Hill Rec Way (7 miles, mixed gravel, and you can cut it short)

Keep an eye on the forum for announcements on the last 2, and more announcements for other runs in July.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply or email me at


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Hey, nice to hear you’re looking for groups to run with, @Banyan_Tree. You might also consider joining the FLRC Challenge and keeping an eye on its forum for people posting small group runs.

And of course, keep an eye on our race schedule on the main FLRC site, since every trail race is by default a big group trail run. :slight_smile: