PGXC 2021 post-season group run and party on Sunday, Nov 14 at noon

Good day, @pgxc-men and @pgxc-women! We have one more event for the 2021 PGXC season—our traditional post-season party for everyone who ran at least one race! Given the pandemic and after seeing the results of the poll, we’re doing things a bit differently this year.

Please RSVP soon using this Google Form, whether or not you can come, so we can plan food and awards. Family members are welcome, but they may be recruited for next season and should be warned that conversation will revolve around running.

We’ll celebrate together on Sunday, November 14th outside at the Brooktondale Community Center (524 Valley Road in Brooktondale; see map). If you want to join the group run, aim to arrive around noon and be ready to run at the High Noon canonical time of 12:08. Runners will head east out Valley Road, take a right on White Church Road, then go out for 20 minutes at whatever pace you want before turning around and coming back.

Since everything will take place outside, we recommend putting on warm clothes immediately after finishing—bathrooms will be available in the Brooktondale Community Center.

Starting around 1 PM, we’ll share food and drink (beer courtesy of the Open and Vets women!), and sing of our many and varied accomplishments from the season to acclaim from all. (Well, not literally sing. But metaphorically, like Vikings!)

–Adam & Tonya

Hi Adam and Tonya, I’ll bring a big jug of inexpensive Chablis wine and cups. Thanks for staging this!, Carl

@pgxc-men @pgxc-women Here’s more details about our Sunday end-of-season group run and party:

The club will be providing a simple (but tasty) post-run lunch with gluten-free and vegetarian options. Adam and I will be bringing all the beer—about 10 cases. Carl may be bringing some wine as well. Please bring your own water bottle.

COVID-19 rules at the Brooktondale Community Center call for wearing a face mask indoors, so plan to wear a mask if you go inside to use the bathroom.

The exact Google Maps location for parking is here. We’ll be meeting in the pavilion behind the community center.

Please RSVP so we can plan food and awards appropriately.

Last call to RSVP for the party on Sunday, @pgxc-men and @pgxc-women, so we can figure out how much food to order today. We may not be able to promise great weather, but the company will be top-notch, as always. Details at: