Photos from FLRC's July 2021 track meet

Thanks to @gplwoo, we have a bunch of photos to share from Tuesday’s track meet!

We’re testing a new photo-sharing system called Yogile, which has a bunch of neat features:

  • Click the auto-playing slideshow below to see all the photos on the Yogile site, where you can run full-window or full-screen slideshows. By default, the photos display in the order they were taken, so you can follow along with the meet by viewing them in order.

  • If you took photos at the track meet, we encourage you to share any good ones! Just click the button above the slideshow or drag the photos into the Yogile album page. (All photos will be reviewed before publishing, and we reserve the right not to publish photos for any reason.)

  • If there’s a particularly good photo of you or your kids, you can download the full-resolution original.

  • When viewing any particular photo, you can click the Share button to share it on Facebook or Twitter, via email, or using a website embed.

  • Our main account page shows all the FLRC public albums, which we’re filling in with some older collections.

Any questions, just ask!

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