Pseudo Skunk Cabbage hiking friends for Sunday morning 12/12?

Hey, @Challengers! I could use some company next Sunday, 12/12 on a fast hike of the Pseudo Skunk Cabbage half marathon course—my final course of the Challenge. My calves have been acting up when I run, with the most recent incident being 4.5 miles into an easy 6-mile run. So I don’t dare attempt Pseudo Skunk running because no matter how easy I go, it’s all too likely the calves would lock up midway and force me to stop.

So my plan is to hike the course, which means something between 16- and 20-minute pace. I’m estimating about 4 hours for the full 13.1 miles, which clearly calls for mid-route chocolate. Anyone up for joining me? I’d like to start in the morning—perhaps 8 AM—but am flexible on that. In particular, I see some folks who could use Pseudo Skunk for their 8th, 9th, or 10th course too—hint, hint!

  • Holly Folsom
  • Iris Packman
  • Amanda Murray
  • Sooyoung Vandemark
  • Sarah Ridenour
  • Aaron Hicks

Who’s in? Or will I just have to catch up on a zillion podcasts?

Hi Adam, I’m in!

Woo, thanks for joining me, @holly-folsom! Does 8 AM work for you? There’s a possibility that @bobtalda will also join for portions of it.

@Iris, @AMurray, @gumbywhale, @aaronholly — want to make it a movement?

Yes, I can meet you at 8 am at EHCC on Sunday.

My pit crew will probably come find us at some point if you want them to bring you anything.

They are accountable and can have loud cowbells!

Whoa, someone who comes with her own cowbell-wielding pit crew—I’ve picked well. Since it’s essentially a Figure 8, I was thinking we’d stop at the Ellis Hollow Community Center after the first long loop to grab snacks and drinks we didn’t want to carry. Chocolate will be involved. :chocolate_bar: :coffee: