Race calendar website recommendations/usage

The Communications Team is working to identify the best ways people find out about races, and we would like to hear from you: what race calendar websites (or other event calendars) do you utilize when looking for a race to sign up for? Do you use certain websites for local events and others for when you are traveling? @board @race-directors

I know the races names and then search using Google

I google “running races near me”

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I do the Route 20 Road Challenge races.

I use Ultrasignup to look for races, near and far.

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I’ve used halfmarathons.net in the past. I also usually use Google local races near X wherever I’m travelling.

As a previous Chamber employee, I will sometimes check the local chamber/tourism websites for the events. (FLRC events aren’t usually listed on our local Visit Ithaca tourism website Ithaca, NY Events Calendar | Plan Your Next Adventure but this would be a good way to attract visitors, if that is the goal.)

I find out about a lot of races from Facebook groups and ads. If I’m looking for a race in another city, I’ll usually google it and then usually runningintheusa.com pops up along with more local resources for that city. I think it’s really important to note that there’s probably a huge difference in race promotion for longer trail races/ultras vs. shorter road races.

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Ultrasignup, a quick google search of the location + type of race if I’m looking somewhere completely new or out of the country, also a search via Google but using Reddit as the modifier - i.e. “trail race 50k South Africa Reddit” → gives some nice recommendations (usually) from people that have run a race and had something to say or recommended it to someone else looking for a race in that location.


When travelling I’ll use Ultrasignup or look up the web site or social media accounts for the destination’s local running club, and I use Google a lot.

I’m on a ton of mailing lists for race organizers and sometimes find value in learning about newer races this way. For ultras I also value word-of-mouth and the official web site for clubs and organizers for races around NY state.

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I use runningintheusa.com a lot for both local races and when I’m looking for races somewhere I might be visiting. I sometimes also look at niagara.usatf.org.

I will google races near me by distance. Or I know the names and will google them. I get emails from races I’ve done in the past too.

As someone who mainly runs trails I rely on Ultrasignup to find races

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