Run in the buff this weekend

The FLRC Challenge buffs are in! For the @Challengers who ordered them, here are three pickup opportunities this weekend:

  • On Saturday at 8:15 AM, I’ll be at the FLRC Challenge sign at the Buttermilk State Park parking lot for anyone who is joining @mickiejauquet’s group run of the Tortoise & Hare course.

  • On Saturday at 12:30 PM, I’ll be at the FLRC Challenge sign at the Waterfront Trail in Stewart Park. The final kick-off run for the FLRC Kids Challenge is at 1 PM, so I may be around after that finishes too, but come early if you want to be certain to find me.

  • On Sunday between 9 AM and 6 PM, if anyone is planning to run the Pseudo Skunk Cabbage or Thom B. or Forest Frolic courses (or just wants to come over), you can swing by my place at 50 Hickory Road (less than a mile from the Ellis Hollow Community Center). Just text me first at 607-275-9557 with when you think you’ll come so I can make sure to be around.

I’ll also drop a batch of buffs off at the running store on Saturday afternoon, so you can pick one up next time you’re there for a pair of shoes or whatever.

In other swag news, for those who are regretting not ordering a buff or shirt, or who want to buy more, I hope to have an online Square store set up shortly.

We have 33 shirt orders so far, and since we have to order a minimum of 100, I’m waiting until we’re either a lot closer to 100 so we don’t end up with extras in random sizes. The buffs were easier, given that they’re all the same size.