Running shorts

It’s been a while since I’ve bought running shorts and since then, apparently, the opinion of the public has shifted. All the athletic shorts I see at Kohl’s and Dick’s are just shorts. Even Amazon! They’re all just so tight and confining. Where can I get decent running shorts?

The Finger Lakes Running Company is the source for all things running around here, and I’m sure they have a good selection.

For the 1980s nylon feel and look, I like Soark’s non-split nylon tricot shorts. Fairly cheap, light, and made in the US.

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They have a lot of silly patterns (which I kind of like), but these are by far the most comfortable running shorts I have ever worn:

Chicken Legs:

I run primarily in the “short shorts” (2" split shorts).

They are nice and loose in comparison with other split shorts I’ve worn - I’ve had almost no trouble with chafing in them.

They aren’t incredibly cheap, but also not crazy expensive compared to some of the other brands out there. $35 bucks a pair.


I’ve always wondered about the waistband on those, which looks pretty constraining. I noticed that they do have some plain colors for those who don’t love the designs, though you still have ChicknLegs emblazoned across your stomach.

No more constraining than any other shorts…it’s just a regular elastic band. I am not a fan of the big fat logo, but the comfiness of the shorts wins over the aesthetic for me.

Oh, and the Fingerlakes Running Company usually does carry some pairs of these, so you can take a look before buying.

Thanks for all the input. From what I’ve seen the finger lakes running company looks most promising. The chicken feet store… their designs are cute but a little too cute for me. Just a plain color with maybe a simple design is all I’m looking for. I’ll make my way to Ithaca some time soon and maybe pick up a pair or two. I can’t really tell from the website what they offer but as long as the shorts are flared at the legs it’s exactly what I need.