Running trails but farther away from Ithaca

I am looking to get back to running more trails one hunting season is over. I would love to have more company on trail runs and maybe even develop a solid group that runs together fairly regularly. But I am not local to Ithaca. I am in the Elmira area and most of my trail miles are not necessarily in the Ithaca area. Are there any other members that are not local to Ithaca or who are willing to travel to have some more companionship on their trail runs?

I’m in the same situation. Want to get some trail miles in, particularly with this mild winter, and would love to have a group to run with. I am in Groton, so actually farther away than Ithaca. But I’d be up for an occasional weekend adventure to run with a group.

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I always encourage people to post group runs here, and if you’re going to run the same thing even if no one joins you, there’s no harm in posting to see if someone will.

A good group run post title includes the date, time, and location, as in:

Group run Saturday, 12/30 on the Catharine Valley Trail in Watkins Glen at 8 AM

The body of the post should reiterate the date, time, and location, and mention the distance and pace that you’re planning to run so people can decide if it’s compatible with what they want to do do. It would be a good idea to ask people to RSVP if they’re coming so you know to wait if they’re just a few minutes late.

Another thing we could set up here is geographic groups, so you could mention @elmira, for instance, to notify everyone in that group. It might be tough to get people to sign up for such groups, though.


OK. Cool. I will try to start posting about plans as they come up. Just for you to think about here are some places that I like to run. Anywhere on the FLT from Coring to Watkins Glen. Connecticut Hill. Van Lone Loop. Watkins Glen State Park. Catherine Valley Trail.

Thank you for the tips. I will try to remember to post here more when I have firm plans made in advance so we can try to get groups together more.