Saturday Trail Adventure?

Anyone up for a Saturday trail adventure? I am looking to do the Forest Frolic course (or explore somewhere in the Fingerlakes National Forest) on Saturday. Let me know if your itnerested!


I’m up for it! Want to do forest frolic at 8? I have run it a couple times but use the RunGo directions so I don’t get lost.

Would love to do the national forest another weekend.


My ankle is pretty much good to go after last weekend, so I think I’d be interested, might take it a little slower than usual though.

Woohoo! Yes let’s do Forest Frolic course at 8 on Saturday :slight_smile: Anyone welcome! Wesley I will be slow too so absolutely no worries, glad your ankle is feeling better!

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Great! I will be going easy effort and hiking hills.

@melissawallace @Katie_Gannon @Wesleyh96 Can you all do me a favor and see if you have Internet access at the Forest Frolic start/finish spot, and with which cellular providers? There has been some claim that there’s connectivity there, but I’m worried it will be too spotty for connecting to Webscorer. Thanks!

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I’d love to join you all. I’ve been meaning to run the Forest Frolic course sometime before the race. 8 am works for me, as does taking it slow.


I won’t be running with you, but here’s a direct link to the RunGo directions, which I think work quite well. RunGo | FLRC Forest Frolic 15k Course | Cortland

The in-person race 15K course is the same route. The only difference is that the start and finish are half a mile further down Hauck Hill Road, heading southeast. You’ll see the primitive campsite on the right when you run past it—that’s where the race starts.

We hope to see some or all of you there on July 30th!


@adamengst We will try to do this!

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@adamengst I have had fairly reliable cell service at the start/finish with Verizon!

Good to know, thanks! I use T-Mobile, but if someone with another carrier can create a hotspot, that would also be sufficient.

I ran Frolics this morning and at the start/finish line area I had 3 bars of LTE coverage. I have a Pixel 6 pro and use Google Fi, which connects to T-Mobile and US Cellular. It’ll be interesting to see what others experience.


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Awesome, thanks all! I am excited

@adamengst I had one bar of LTE around the start, I have Cricket which uses AT&T service.

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I have Verizon, and I had one bar at the start point, but it was working for messaging/Strava. Thanks Katie Melissa and Dan for a great start to the morning. Let’s do that again sometime! Also Adam I’d like to get in contact with you sometime about group membership.

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I have Google Fi and had one bar of service at the start. Not enough to load a website or anything.

Thanks for the testing, folks! Sounds like connectivity might be possible, but I shouldn’t bet on it.

@Wesleyh96, happy to chat anytime, but you can read more about FLRC membership on our site. It’s sort of a no-brainer if you run any races since club members get discounts off most entry fees, along with a variety of other benefits.