Skunk Cabbage price increases Monday—sign up soon to run or volunteer!

We’re getting close to having to order food for the Skunk Cabbage Classic 10K and Half Marathon, so more accurate numbers are a big help in reducing the stress around getting the right amount. That’s why the race registration fees go up after March 17, so register this weekend to save. The Total Eclipse of the Skunk shirts, medals, and eclipse glasses arrived yesterday, and they look great!

Skunk Cabbage is one of FLRC’s two most important races (with Finger Lakes 50s) for the club’s financial health, and it’s possible only with the help of numerous volunteers. If you support everything FLRC does, please sign up to volunteer! And yes, volunteers get a Total Eclipse of the Skunk T-shirt!

We also have a few more weeks of our Sunday Skunkday group runs, which begin at Barton Hall at 8:30 on Sunday mornings. The group typically has several dozen runners that break out into small pods running different paces and distances. You can check out the exact race course or try a variation—the Skunk Cabbage area has many excellent running routes. Check the Group Runs category on the FLRC Forum for details.

Whether you sign up to race or register to volunteer, we look forward to seeing you on race morning!


I signed up to bring coffee to the volunteers for Skunk, but I don’t know if you have a standard way to do that. Is there someone who can tell me:
Do I use Ithaca Bakery or Dunkin’, or what;
Do I pay, then get reimbursed? [I can surely do that.]
Just send me to your donut-rep., so they can give me direction, and I promise I’ll try not to get in the way – please note, after all, the last time i did something like this, it was 1985 and I just showed up at Ithaca Bakery Braus and Mehaffey Triphammer.

Tom R.