Summer Strength Workshop

Hi Everyone!

I’m Amanda and I’m a PT in Ithaca that specializes in treating runners (and am also a runner)! You may have seen me in some of the track workouts or group runs or even came to my clinic on one of group runs in February!

Anyways, I am currently working on a summer group strength and conditioning program/workshop if any one is interested! This will be held at my PT clinic (in the Cornell Business Park/by Ithaca airport). Preferable 1-2x a week for an hour. Groups of 4 would be great (you don’t have to sign up as a group). My hope is two 4 weeks blocks of strength work. I know summer is a busy time for most so I am flexible on times/dates. The idea with the group training is to keep it cost effective and enjoy the camaraderie of group atmosphere. This program can accommodate any experience level- young or old, big or small, new or experienced, etc. I’m thinking cost will be $20-30 per person/hour session depending on turnout and frequency! If you are interested please send me a direct message in the forum or text at 607-280-6705 and I will send information over to you. Also, if you could answer the poll as far as day of the week/time that would be super helpful to get an idea of what works for every one!

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evening
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I’m not sure if the day of the week poll came out properly so here it is again!

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
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Amanda, it’s so great that you’re offering this! Strength training is great for all runners but most experts will point out that this is especially true for those of us who are masters runners (40+).

I began a strength training routine recently to help get me faster and prevent injuries. One thing that I’ve noticed is that even though I’ve had instruction in the past and theoretically know how I should be doing an exercise, I was still making some mistakes! Form corrections from skilled professionals like you are so important in making sure we are doing our strength training correctly and not causing undue strain on our bodies.


I’m interested and used to go to a regular boot camp style hiit strength class. Loved it and sorely miss it. I’d be interested and work on Warren road. So either before or after work would be good for me!

Awesome Steph! If the sessions are an hour what time frame would be best for you either before or after work?

Thanks Liz! For sure the master’s runners. We start to lose 3-8% muscle mass per decade after the age of 30 even. And even more so with women once they enter their 40’s (darn hormones!). SO great that you see such value in your strength training! And I hear you on the form…even with someone such as myself that knows proper form, sometimes it’s just impossible to see yourself in action and so helpful to have someone else give cues. And not to mention being able to just show up to a pre planned work out you don’t have to think about!

Hi Amanda,
I’m definitely interested. Tuesday and Thursdays are my best days.
Thanks for doing this!

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Absolutely interested! Early weekday mornings 7-8 are best for me, or after work, 4:30 (any day except Tuesday) or Weekends I am flexible. :smiley:

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Mornings would be best. 6 am is preferable, 7 am second, but I’d likely have to leave by 7:45

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Can you do any morning on week days? It’s just Tuesday after work you cannot do?

:+1:Correct, I can do any weekday Morning. (As long as I get to work by 8:30-8:45ish, which since your just around the corner shouldnt be an issue)
Any weekday after work (4:30pm) except Tuesday :slight_smile:

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This sounds great! I’d love to be a part of it. I could do pretty much any day of the week in the early mornings.

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Great! We have at least one group of 4 now! I will reach out to all to finalize day/time and start week :blush: I will likely have another group as well so you all can decide which works best for your schedule!

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I would like to join. any morning. Tuesday has to be after 7:40 am.

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Great! How early can you do any other mornings than Tuesday?

Any other morning is okay

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