Sunday group run poll: morning or afternoon?

@Challengers, For this weekend’s Sunday FLRC Challenge group run, I’m weighing two options and need your input.

  • What I’d like most to do is have the group run start at 4 PM at the Lansing Center Trail course with the goal of running it once (or twice, if you want more miles) and then walking over to Scoops to get ice cream (they open at 2 PM on Sunday, and sadly Salt Point Brewing isn’t open on Sunday). Mmm, ice cream!

  • But if everyone’s like “4 PM is a super weird time and I think ice cream is icky anyway.” then I’d be happy to do the run at our normal 8:30 AM time and share rhubarb bread and watermelon at the Lansing Center Trail picnic tables. Mmm, rhubarb bread!

Which would you come to? You can vote for one or both, and I’ll exercise my Challenge Director powers and pick one on Thursday based on a secret algorithm built deep into the leaderboard code.

Sunday Group Run Options
  • 4 PM with ice cream
  • 8:30 AM with rhubarb bread/watermelon

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As I noted in the actual group run writeup, I opted for morning this week because of the predicted thunderstorms in the afternoon, but we will do some afternoon runs with ice cream or visits to Salt Point or Ithaca Beer or South Hill Cidery afterward!