Sunday Skunkday Group Run on 2/2 at 8:30 AM at Barton Hall

Are you training for the Skunk Cabbage Classic 10K or half marathon? Or would you just like some company on your Sunday long run? FLRC is organizing a simple Sunday group run each week through Skunk, which takes place on Sunday, April 5th. All we ask is that you sign the FLRC Training Programs waiver if you haven’t already done so for the Tuesday night MITHACAL MILERS workouts or the Saturday Black Diamond group runs.

Here’s the drill for at least the first week. (We can discuss if a different time or meeting spot would be more convenient.)

Meet at the front doors of Barton Hall (facing Teagle Hall, where the Skunk 10K starts) at 8:30 AM on Sunday, February 2nd. We’ll split up into rough pace and distance groups and then run the Skunk course, more or less (perhaps less on Route 366). Since I’m coming back from injury, I’m good for only two miles at maybe 8-minute pace, but the more people who come, the more options there will be to run a variety of distances and paces. Please join us!

There’s plenty of free (on Sunday) parking in Cornell’s parking garage, in the Crescent Lot east of Schoellkopf Stadium, and on the surrounding roads. With luck, Barton will be open for people to use the bathroom if necessary (behind the blockhouse on the south side, or through the track and downstairs on the west side).

Any questions, just ask, and if you could respond to the poll below, we’ll have a sense of how many people to expect. (Like posting, poll voting does require setting up an account.)

  • Joining the group for a run
  • Sleeping in for Groundhog Day

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If this date or time doesn’t work for you, but you’d still like some company, please feel free to post here (click the New Topic button) with what you’d like to run and when, along what pace you’re planning to do. The goal of this forum is to help local runners find each for running and training companionship.

Looks like we’ll have a good group (with at least 11 people coming according to the poll) and decent weather for the Sunday run. See you all at Barton at 8:30 AM.

Rich, Adam P., Adam B. and I will be there too!


I’m hoping to be there too!

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It was great to see 28 hardy souls (for a grand total of 56 hardy soles) gathering on a wet, slushy Groundhog Day to run the Skunk course. Happily, the doors to Barton were open so we could gather inside. With so many runners, we split into a wide range of pace groups from 10+ minute miles all the way down to 7-minute miles. There was a pace for everyone.

I don’t know how far everyone ended up going, since I wimped out first, clocking only about 2.5 miles, but I heard people talking about 4.5 miles (out to Stevenson and back), 6 miles (Skunk 10K out and back), 8 miles (Skunk half course, turning at Turkey Hill), and 10 miles (Skunk half course, turning at Genung).

I was tremendously pleased to meet two people who had never before run with the club, Eduardo and another guy whose name escapes me at the moment. (There were too many people I don’t know well, wearing hats, so it was difficult to recognize even folks I’ve met before (sorry @Benedetta_Carnaghi!). I’m better with names when I’m timing a race and can see your name in Webscorer as you finish.

Hope everyone had a good time, and if you couldn’t make it this week, I hope you’ll join us next Sunday, February 9th, when everyone should head over after the run to the Varna Community Center for a pancake breakfast that can’t be beat. More details as the date gets closer.

Thanks to Skunk race director Alex Kleinerman for taking the picture!

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Thank you so much for organizing @adamengst!! We had a very nice run! Looking forward to running with you, guys, again at the next pancake breakfast run :wink:

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I’m planning to come to most of these. Today I was sleeping in after getting up early yesterday to help out at the Frosty Loomis snowshoe race. Next weekend I will also miss (sad to miss skunkeycakes), but after that I expect to join.

Thanks for organizing! I’m hoping to make it next week too.

Eduardo and his wife Kelly both joined the run but were not present for the picture. Their first event with FLRC was Saturday morning at the Black Diamond Trail Group Run where they were convinced to come Sunday for the Skunk run. I ran with Kelly (honestly, she dragged my butt for a total of 4.25 miles and I appreciate that) and they will be joining the club!


Glad to see such a big turnout for the premier! I’ve created a recurring Facebook event for anyone who’s interested.

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