Taughannock Rim & Falls course clarifications (and RunGo directions)

Thanks! All those lefts and rights—I’m not surprised I biffed one. Fixed.

Sorry! I forgot to update that map after running the course myself when putting up the sign. Running as you did through the grass right to the bridge makes a lot more sense than muddling about around the parking lot, so the direct grass route will be the official route now. (I installed a bunch of other course signs that day, which drove all my internal notes about the Taughannock course entirely from my head.)

I also remember now that I decided that we should turn at the near side of the bridge because there can be a lot of people standing on the bridge, looking at the falls, and it’s better not to have to mix with them.

I have updated the course instructions and the course map, and I’ve added RunGo directions.