Treman Trailipop Star Posts


A nice overcast day to get out onto the trails with Frodo. :paw_prints: Decided I’m going to try and get the more challenging of the courses done sooner (before the summer heat hits) than later if I’m doing them with the dog.

I made the very false assumption that Frodo would be pulling me up some of the hills to take off the burden :joy: boy was i mistaken! Instead he decided to stop and pee on nearly every tree stump, and take his sweet time smelling all the trilliums, may apples, sweet grasses and other dogs on the trail. :sweat_smile:

Once we got to the upper buttermilk section which he was more familiar with, we found a bit more of our flow with a slow take his sweet ol time run…and as relieved as I was to be able to finally go downhill, the way down was rather precarious being strapped to a dog and avoiding all the roots. All in all, a solid canicross adventure on some really beautiful parts of the local trail systems indeed!

Grateful for all of the nice water along the way for Frodo, but definitely time for a nap now :joy: