Week #2 of 19 2024 Recap

Happy Friday, @Challengers. I’d especially like to welcome everyone who is participating in their first FLRC Challenge. It’s a great way to explore the area and meet new people. We’re up to 150 runners now, with 91 people taking their place on the leaderboard with at least one run. Congratulations to our third finisher: Jason Jenks, who claimed his medal :medal_sports: this afternoon!

If you haven’t gotten around to signing up yet, I encourage you to do so soon because I’m placing the T-shirt order next week and the only guaranteed way to get one is to order before May 7. Also, keep recruiting your friends, particularly those in your ten-year age group, since the more people on an age-group team, the better it will do.

I hope everyone has taken a few minutes to explore the leaderboard, which has a metric ton (having been developed by a Canadian, Steve Desmond) of cool features, including the Stats page. It provides a breakdown of what’s happened on each course, plus a summary of each week–can you believe we ran almost 1,000 miles the first week?

I particularly like watching the Activity Log, which shows every run as soon as it’s submitted to Webscorer.

Clicking a course name will show you all the stats about that course, and is a good way to see who’s aiming to win a particular course’s sign by running it the most times. Looks like Mik Kern wants that Duck Trails sign. You can also click any runner’s name, including your own, to see what they’ve done.

Tristan Lambert gets a special mention this week for logging a Sweet 1600 in Berkeley, a whopping 2407 miles from Stewart Park. Who’s going to top that distance? Past years have seen Sweet 1600s logged from Switzerland and Norway.

There were lots of great photos from the trails this week, but Jamie Love gets photo of the week for documenting her terrifying canicross descent behind Frodo. Keep those stories and photos coming!

FLRC’s group run this weekend is Saturday morning at 9:30 (note the later start) at Hammond Hill. Although, it’s aimed at giving people a preview of the Thom B course, some people are planning to run the Hammond Hill Hoctathon course instead. Another group plans to hike the Hoctathon on Sunday at 9:00.


What company do you order your shirts from? I have some custom shirts I’d like to get printed on athletic fabric.
See you to this summer!

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I’ve been working with USA Racing on the shirts and have been very happy with them overall. They create the designs based on my art direction. Contact Jeff Mills there and tell him I sent you. jeff@usaracing.com


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