Hiking Hammond Hill Hoctathon FLRC Challenge Course Sun 5/5, 9am

Hello Everyone,
My husband Matthew and I are planning on Hiking the Hammond Hill Hoctathon on Sunday Morning 5/5/24, 9am.
If anyone would like to join us, let me know on here :blush: (I don’t know how to put up a pole :sweat_smile:)
It will probably take us 3-4hours depending on pace and breaks. (plan to bring your water& snacks accordingly)
Meeting at 9am, hitting the trail by 9:15 at the latest.
We’ll meet at the Hammond Hill parking lot
Hiking rain or shine (unless its Torrential rain, we don’t mind light rain)
I have no idea how reception is there, so if you are planning on joining just message on here, so we know if we should wait for anyone. (hitting the trail by 9:15 at the latest)
Also feel free to just meet us there, and Run the course yourself, this way you can still get your run Plus Community Stars :grin:


Hi! I plan on joining you on Sunday! Thanks! Laura Helmerick

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Thanks for joining us Laura!

Since we didn’t have service when we finished, this is how I updated the results:

So I tried to update using the normal way “post my results” button, but the webscorer app was asking for a subscription, but I found a work around
Go to edit results but don’t change anything, and the save it and back out then it will post. And you can double check by clicking “view results on Web” and open your age group and look for your name. :+1:

This is what I got when I clicked post my results

Ach, sorry about that bug, @mplank. I was hoping the app would be updated before anyone hit it again. @Dirk_Swart discovered it about 10 days ago and Webscorer will be fixing it soon. In the meantime, here’s what Vesa says:

This is a bug in the app, easy fix but requires a new app update. It happens only if there’s no connectivity at the finish when the app attempts to post the results. If you remain on that panel and post later when you’re back connected, it will still work. If you navigate away to a different panel and then attempt to post, you’ll get the incorrect popup requiring PRO.

Dirk was able to get around it by trying a few times. Worst case scenario, you can just repost after the app is updated soon.

@mplank: The workaround lets you save the run, but you can’t get the community star back. This has happened to me again (eg: Hoctathon), so the issue is still open.

Oh good to know.
My work around of editing but not changing the results got us the community star :+1::star:

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