Triennial Madness! Looking for a team

Mighty Isis took over the Triennial from Team Atrocious for Tri XIII in 2017 and did an excellent job – putting their own twist on the classic event. They have planned Tri XIV for 13-June this year. ( Staging will be at Veterans Memorial Park (NY228 near Odessa), courtesy of the folks at Schuyler County Veterans. The “course” will consist of seven sections, shortest 6.3 miles, longest 14.8 miles.

Since I am the only person to have run all previous 13, I do not want to miss this one. Team Atrocious has retired from the field, so I am looking to join another team. I’d prefer Stage EAST 4: Radio Tower Rd to Veterans Memorial Park (9.9 miles) – lots of downhill but plenty of rough trail. But I am flexible, anything except the 14 mile stage.

Also, when the trails clear up a bit, I’ll organize some Sunday training runs on the various sections of the trail.

Truck, I’ll bite. I’m not on a team yet, but as an oldish woman (60), my handicap will be an asset (although Yvette age+speed will be the real coup for any team). My preferred leg is the complement of yours, East 1, from Veterans Memorial Park to Tower Road (and I might then toodle my way back to the park to get in a long run, laughing at all the (younger and/or slower and/or male) runners still behind me. I can be reached at

Karen, thanks for featuring this Connecticut Hill section of the FLT. It’s one of my favorites, and I don’t get there nearly as much as I’d like to these days.


As a public service announcement to those who are not yet fully indoctrinated into the traditional Triennial zeitgeist, my comment about laughing at competitors was not intended to offend, but rather to introduce an ember of banter into what will likely (and should!) become a (friendly) raging fire as the date of the relay approaches. So have at it!

Of course the real banter begins when we decide who is Catherine the Great, Catherine the Great’s Horse, and Catherine the Great’s Horse’s Ass. Not to mention the Christopher Columbus “Most Lost”, the Timothy Leary “Long Strange Trip” and the Monica Lewinsky (you can imagine…) awards…

I wonder how old you have to be to know who Timothy Leary and Monica Lewinsky are?

Catherine the Great’s Horse’s Ass, of course, is a timeless character of song and story, undoubtedly known to all.

Hmmm… perhaps Mighty Isis can research the current zeitgeist and pop culture to come up with new cultural references? Which of course won’t mean anything to me.

I’d be happy to have you on the team of “Oldes” I’m putting together!!!

I’d assume I’m old enough for your “oldies” category, and be up for joining in. I’m not as organized as Truck to know what leg I’d be interested in doing though.

OK it’s a deal but the team has to have a better name. Green-eyed Monsters? We can’t compete with the Hash House Harriers for disgusting names.

The difficulty for the GEM or whatever is a getting a good runner for the 15-mile very hilly stage (Veterans to Twin Tunnels). Coming back that is split into two stages. Jim Miner?

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Truck - can you give me your email address at so we can organize our team off line?

Here it is.

I also have CU (dgr2) but don’t use it for outside activities, it keeps my inboxes well separated.

Go for it!

Looking to hear what may be happening with the Triennial and if I can find a team…

I have run legs many times in the past. Missed 2017. I would do either of the shorter legs…could probably stretch to handle a 9 mile leg, but certainly would NOT be up for the longest leg!

White male, 64 yrs, very experienced on trails…seeks like minded for woodland adventure!

Evan Kurtz
Dryden, NY

Hi Evan! It’s not a good Triennial until your white/black/brown/whatever limbs have plenty of mud and maybe a little blood on them!

My original posting here has already resulted in one full team. Let’s be optimistic that we can congregate safely at Veteran’s Park on 13 June. No problem with social distancing out on the trail of course.

I plan to lead some Sunday know-the-course runs soon. Again with plenty of distance…

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Hey Gary,

Do you need a certified, old trail runner for your team? Happy to do any leg BUT the 14 miler.


Any decision from Mighty Isis on postponing the Tri until the fall/next year? 13 June
is 2+ months away. But some of our participants need to plan travel sooner rather than later (Shelly, Bottom Feeders). If we wait and see, we should set a date on which the decision will be made. We can do a virtual Tri… but that removes the best part of the race, i.e., multiple people battling it out together + plenty of pre-, on the day, and post-trash talk.

I’m not on a team. I have been doing 10 and 20 mile runs on trails to get ready.

Jim, you are always ready. The Triennial legs are not so long, you could probably do the whole thing yourself. I guess it is off for 13 June? I haven’t heard from Mighty Isis. Maybe on for the late summer/fall?? Anyway my work in the Netherlands was postponed until June so I will not be in Ithaca during that month, so if the Tri goes on, you should take my place on Steve’s team.

Let’s go to the source. @kag22, have you made any decisions about Triennial scheduling yet?

I have not put anything out officially it seems that I should post pone it. I was hoping to come up with a date first because June is not looking possible right now, but I have not come up with anything concrete.