TRIENNIAL XIV 2021 is Aug 28th!

Save the date, TRIENNIAL XIV 2021 is Aug 28.

TRIENNIAL XIV, August 28, 2021, at Veterans Memorial Park. The “course” will consist of seven sections, shortest 6.3 miles, longest 14.8 miles.

a. EAST 1: Veterans Memorial Park to Radio Tower Road (9.9)

b. EAST 2: Radio Tower Road to Treman Old Mill (9.0)

c. EAST 3: Treman Old Mill to Radio Tower Road (9.0)

d. EAST 4: Radio Tower Rd to Veterans Memorial Park (9.9)

e. WEST 1: Veterans Memorial Park to Burdett Twin Tunnels (14.8)

f. WEST 2: Burdett Twin Tunnels to Texas Hollow Road (8.5)

g. WEST 3: Texas Hollow Rd to Veterans Memorial Park (6.3)

There are no entry fees. Your team and your supporters, should you be so fortunate as to have any, are welcome to BYO food and drink to enjoy after the event, assuming you are still able to enjoy imbibing anything after you finish your leg. If you are, perhaps you should have put more effort into it.

If anyone is in need of an extra runner for their Triennial Team, please reach out to Darren Zanon. I currently have 5 teams registered.

Thank you,


The illustrious Team Bottomfeeder, which has participated (in one configuration or another) in every Triennial since 1996 is looking for a couple of additional runners to round out this year’s team and cover one of the “East” legs. Our motto: “Finish without Fatality!” Want to join us? Contact Nancy at