Triennial XV Sept 23, 2023

Details have just been added to the official site for Triennial XV on September 23, 2023. I have added a visit through Hoxie Gorge, which I have not previously seen myself, along with the Daisy Hollow section that we all know pretty well. The “course” involves long, short, trail and road (trying to appeal to everyone). I am also encouraging teams as small as 4 people, but not more than 8. The hardest part for me getting the word out since the list serve is no longer an option, so please share with your previous teammates and friends. I hope to see you all in September.

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  1. EAST 1: Pipeline Road to Hoxie Gorge (7.4 Miles) (includes at least 3.8 miles of road)
  2. EAST 2: Hoxie Gorge to Baker Schoolhouse Rd (11.3 Miles)
  3. EAST 3: Baker Schoolhouse Rd to Hoxie Gorge (11.3 Miles)
  4. EAST 4: Hoxie Gorge to Pipeline Road (7.4 Miles) (includes at least 3.8 miles of road)
  5. WEST 1: Pipeline Rd to Bleck Rd (11.0 Miles)
  6. WEST 2: Bleck Rd to Daisy Hollow Rd (5.9 Miles)
  7. WEST 3: Daisy Hollow Rd to Bleck Rd (5.9 Miles)
  8. WEST 4: Bleck Rd to Pipeline Road (11.0 Miles)

SO glad to see this! I’m up for a team! 60 and over? 65 and over? Happy to run with any group though likely one of the 2 shorter stages…

I might try to put together a team from the Cortland folks I run with regularly…

If anyone is putting a team together and looking for a runner, I should be available.

@kag22 Hoxie Gorge is a nice spot for running. Last time I was there about 2 years ago, it was well marked and well maintained and the FLT there has a nice flow to it.

I need to get out there and check it out myself. I was excited to include a section that was sort of new to the majority.


Same here! Im looking for a team

~Tammy Walsky