Two South Hill group runs weekend of 9/10 & 9/11

TLDR: Join me on the morning of 9/10 and/or 9/11 for 19km road runs on Coddington Road

Hi everyone! Some of you may have seen my earlier post about a unique fundraiser I’m organizing to support Democratic Congressional nominee Josh Riley. Since all of Tompkins County is in Congressional District 19, I’m running 19 miles on each day and asking people to sponsor me. I’m inviting anyone who is interested to get involved by joining the Facebook event or contacting me. People can run/hike/bike 19 miles, 19 kilometers (about 12 miles) on one day, split over two or more days, or both days at the time and location of their choice.

In order to make it super easy for anyone who wants to participate, I’ll be doing a 19k road run Saturday 9/10 and Sunday 9/11 on a mostly flat but some rolling hills out-and-back on Coddington Road with beautiful views. And, since it’s on a weekend, there won’t be much truck traffic! I will finish up my 19 miles with a shorter afternoon run each day for those who are wondering how that adds up to 19 miles each day for me.

If you are interested in joining me (and hopefully also sharing info about Josh’s campaign with your network), please reply below or message me! I’m planning on a meet at 8:45am and start running at 9am timeframe for each morning.

Important note: these runs are not sponsored by FLRC in any way - just independent events I’m organizing!


@Iris , @MWoods and @mdoruska3 - I wanted to make sure you all saw this!