Want to save 20% on Dion racing snowshoes in FLRC's group order?

We haven’t seen much snow yet this winter, but it’s undoubtedly coming and when it does, that means one thing: snowshoe season! If you’d like to get a pair of your own snowshoes for winter running and our Super Frosty Loomis snowshoe race on February 12th, FLRC is organizing a group purchase of our favorite Dion racing snowshoes at a 20% discount.

If you’ve never tried snowshoe running, you basically strap your running shoes into small, light snowshoes that let you run snow- and ice-covered trails with abandon—it’s like turning your feet into huge paws with claws. We had a snowshoe clinic last winter that was huge fun (see my video), and I hope we can do that again this year.

Here’s the deal. As a group, we need to buy at least 12 pairs of Dion snowshoes to qualify for the discount. The recommended models from Loomis race directors @Dave_K and @esambo (the 121 or maybe 120 frames, with either QuickFit or SecureFit bindings and ice cleats) cost between $245 and $280, so you’d save about $50 through the group purchase.

We have informal commitments for about 6-7 pairs now, and if you would like to order a pair, reply here so I can add you to the list. Once we hit the 12-pair minimum, I’ll open an ordering page on Webscorer where you can pick the pair you want and pay via a credit card. Once everyone has ordered, we’ll place the group order with Dion, receive the snowshoes (hopefully before Loomis, but there’s no telling), and either have a distribution snowshoe run (snow permitting) or let you pick them up some other way.

So: Do you want to join the group purchase for Dion racing snowshoes? Reply here!

If you have other questions about the group purchase, feel free to ask!

I’ll order a pair!

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A week too late. I already ordered some just before Christmas in hopes they will show up in time for the Frosty Loomis.

@apacheck Great—we’re at 8 now, I think. Just a few more.

@DamianClemons, sorry I didn’t get this posted earlier for you! But I don’t know if all this will work out in time for Super Frosty Loomis. We will have Dion snowshoes available to rent for that race, regardless.

I am intrigued as I have been considering a pair of snow shoes even though I know nothing about them.

Could someone comment about snow shoeing in the area in general. How well do you stay on top of the snow? Are these specific snow shoes more for snow running? Do your feet get wet if you wear them with running shoes? Would they work if I wanted to strap these on to trek around the farm fields that surround my house?

Is the $245 to $280 cost BEFORE the discount?

Thank you!

I’d be interested in ordering a pair!

It depends a great deal on the snow conditions. If the snow is deep and soft, you’re going to go all the way through no matter what. The more packed-down it is, the less you’ll break through and the easier the running will be. In general, snowshoe running is done on packed trails, rather than virgin snow. When I’m setting my own trail, I tend to run back and forth a bit to flatten it down, rather than going for a single pass.

“Normal” snowshoes will be larger and heavier and will be more likely to keep you on top of virgin snow, assuming it’s dense enough. You wouldn’t want to run in them because it would be much more tiring and you’d be far more likely to bang your ankles. They’re a lot less fun. :slight_smile:

Yes, your shoes will get wet, mostly from the snow melting on them. It’s good to wear wool socks, which retain warmth even when they get wet. Since you’re running, you’re not likely to get cold while you’re moving, but it can happen pretty quickly afterward when you stop.

Yes, definitely, though if you weren’t planning to run at all, larger ones would keep you more on top of the snow.

Yes, sorry. So the final price would be more like $200 to $230. I’m not entirely certain if there’s tax and shipping yet, but would work that in if necessary.

You’re on my list!

I am in for a pair.
I already know I want the lightest smallest pair they make. Probably secure fit binding and the ice cleat. And I know that the lightest pair, the 120, can be more easily bent but I am still leaning that way. I am around 106 lbs and light on my feet and I hate running with weight on my feet. I did look up the weights on the 120 and 121 and it appeared that there were only 3 0z different. So I am interested in an opinion on that. Do you think 3 0z would actually make a difference in how heavy they feel?

Great, you’re on the list, @Sandy!

I’m not sure, but @esambo or @Mikhail_Kern might have a pair of 120s that they’ve compared to the 121s. @Dave_K, @gumbywhale, any other advice? My personal take is that 3 ounces isn’t likely to be a big deal, given that the shoes will often have some snow on them anyway.

Also, what size are your feet, Sandy? I know there was an issue with the rentals last year for Jenny Selig, who has tiny feet.

Ha! I may be tiny but my feet are at least average. I wear a size 7 usually. And sometimes a 7.5. So I am usually fine with that at least.

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I’ve got a pair of the 120s and some 121s as well. Maybe it’s in my head but I do feel a weight difference. I think for you the 120s would be better. The first version of these did bend easily because of the size of the tubing in the frame, but then they made it a bit bigger and they are not very likely to bend.

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I am interested in a pair!

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I’m definitely interested in a pair!

You’re both on the list and we’ve now hit the minimum order! I’m just verifying some shipping and tax questions and then I’ll get the order form posted.

@Anngel, @aaron.proujansky1, @brian-lazzaro, @mmeister… you had expressed some interest in snowshoes last winter, so stay tuned if you’d like to order a pair of Dions in the group order.

I ordered a pair last winter, although they didn’t end up shipping until the end of spring so I never got to use them. I doubt they’d be willing to retroactively add me to your discount order. I do know someone who might be in the market for snowshoes, though, so I forwarded her the information. I’ll let you know and can put you in contact if she wants in.


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Looks like I am going to be in the same boat with delivery. I may or may not get them in time for the Frosty. I might be in the market for the loaners if they are still available at the time.