Wednesday night snowshoeing 2/16

For those looking to more snowshoeing opportunities after Super Frosty Loomis last weekend, or those who missed out. People who ordered new Dion snowshoes, or those with a pair gathering dust in a closet. Come out Wednesday night and join us for a lap around Hammond Hill. We’ll be meeting at 6:30pm, at the main parking lot. Come dressed to run, bring a headlamp and a warm coat for afterwards. All paces are welcome. We’ll have groups running between 3-8k depending on who shows up. (plan to be out for around an hour) If you don’t have snowshoes and still want to join us, post here and we’ll try to find someone with an extra pair.

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@tonya and I are planning to come tonight, and we have an extra pair of snowshoes for anyone who wants to come but doesn’t some. @Brenda_Kirk, @apacheck, @caitlin-loehr, @Jamie, up for joining tonight before the big melt tomorrow? And to be clear, no one will be left behind.

In line with the pace groups we recently created, I’ve also just created an @snowshoers public group. If you’re interested in being notified of snowshoe activities, just go to the Groups page and click Join for the Snowshoers groups.

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I plan to be there tonight. As a newbie, I expect to be doing something slow, short and uncoordinated.

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I plan to be there and would like to go 4-5K. I have an extra pair of snowshoes these days. :slight_smile:

  • Gretchen
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I’ll be there…planning to hike/run 3-4 miles. Will bring an extra pair of snowshoes, including my foam ones.

I asked in email, but look at everyone here on the forum. :slight_smile: Can @caroline-brockner borrow a pair of snowshoes? She wants to come tonight.

Also, I am coming. I’ll be walking up the big hill and maybe going a little farther than past efforts, if there is someone who wants to go with me. I am even contemplating the entire 5K Loomis loop, though I would definitely need guidance to make that happen. I do plan to run the downhills on the way back.

Thanks for tagging me Tonya. I had no idea what my user name was! :smile:


I plan to be there tonight.

And I have your new snowshoes and your FLRC Challenge medal!

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I’ll be there tonight. Not sure if I’ll do longer than a 5K. I’ll see how I feel. Still exhausted from this weekend’s double races.
I’ll bring my Atlas Run snowshoes for anyone to borrow if needed.


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Definitely interested in these but would need a couple days to plan ahead. Hope everyone has a great time.

As long as the snow holds out, this will be a weekly event.

And we had a whopping 12 @snowshoers out last night in fabulous conditions, some for the first time. Sadly, the forecast looks warm and wet through next Wednesday, which won’t do good things for the trails. Here’s a shot of a few hardy souls afterward—@gumbywhale might have gotten some photos too…